What screams Easter more than carrots and chocolate? Try this naked chocolate carrot cake! Perfect for Easter brunch or afternoon tea. Image of slice of cake on a plate with an easter serviette and a fork
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Naked chocolate carrot cake: the ultimate Easter carrot cake

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Easter is just around the corner and often that means Easter bunnies, Easter eggs, chocolate and carrot cake. This year, why not combine some of these things and bake a naked chocolate carrot cake (and decorated it with chocolate Easter eggs and Easter bunnies, of course)?

Naken chocolate carrot cake with caramel frosting, salted caramel drizzle and chocolate bunnies and white and milk chocolate Easter eggs

Bring on the vegies

We are not averse to using root vegetables in our cakes. We shared our recipe for maple parsnip cupcakes with maple buttercream in Autumn. We’ve combined root vegetables with chocolate, too, such as our chocolate beetroot cupcakes with chocolate creme frâiche frosting.

We are partial to a good carrot cake, my favourite being this pineapple and carrot cake, which makes a regular appearance in our house, as I have mentioned before. I even considered making this carrot cake again for Easter this year, to go with our Easter chicken.

Then I found this recipe in the free magazine from one of our supermarkets. Unfortunately, I don’t even remember which supermarket it was, I just wrote up the recipe and got rid of the rest.

The combination of carrot and chocolate makes this naked chocolate carrot cake perfect for Easter. It is so moist. Add some Easter eggs and chocolate Easter bunnies as decoration and it is the perfect cake for afternoon tea or dessert for Easter.

Naked chocolate carrot cake, with up close view of the decorations (little chocolate bunnies and milk and white Easter eggs) chosen by my apprentice chef

A supermarket recipe tweaked to make it more Easter-like

Of course, I had to tweak the recipe a little. It was not chocolatey enough for me, especially if I was going to make it for Easter. So I added some extra melted dark chocolate.

I also tweaked the frosting. I had recently made a custard-based frosting – which is super easy (I’m posting the recipe in a few weeks). When I was scouring the empty shelves at one of our supermarkets, I found some caramel custard powder and decided that salted caramel would go wonderfully with the chocolate and carrot. Don’t you agree?

Unfortunately, my custard was not thick enough. When I then used it to make the frosting, it had tiny lumps in it as the butter and caramel custard were not the same consistency. It still tasted wonderful, but it could have been smoother and looked better. If you are worried, try a different frosting, such as my white chocolate buttercream.

Finally, I decided to add a layer of Nutella or chocolate spread. We had Nutella in the cupboard, so that is what we used. It was worth it.

Naked chocolate carrot cake on a mint cake stand with a cake server

Two things annoyed me about this cake:

  1. It uses a lot of bowls. One for the dry, one for the melted chocolate, one for the mixing, one for the custard, one for frosting… there is a lot to wash up afterwards.
  2. The cakes (and the pudding) took a LOT longer to cool than I had anticipated. I ended up covering the cakes and assembling the layers the next day as they just did not want to cool.

A NAKED chocolate carrot cake

The chocolate carrot cake is designed to be a naked cake.

What is a naked cake (and why is it naked)? A naked cake is one with barely-there or no frosting on its outer edge. Accordingly, it’s naked because it is not ‘wearing’ frosting and leaves the natural texture and layers of cake and filling exposed. The trend was supposedly popularised by Christina Tosi of Milk Bar in 2014 (though I have no way of verifying this as I don’t know who Christina Tosi is or where Milk Bar is). Naked cakes are great if you are short on frosting or it’s a hot day, or if you want a rustic look.

I will admit, I have never made a naked cake before. That’s not because I was scared of the concept, but because I tend to make more cupcakes than actual cakes. A naked cupcake would just mean no frosting, so essentially just a muffin.

You won’t be surprised to learn that this naked chocolate carrot cake was right up my alley. I also tend not to make large cakes because I have little patience with fiddly details decorating. Like my craft projects, I want my cakes to be simple and effective – or in the case of cakes, delicious. A naked cake is one way to keep things simple.

As it is a naked cake, it also means that the decorations are simple. For Easter, all you need to do is throw a few Easter eggs or small chocolate Easter bunnies on top. My decorations a bit wonky, but I had a mini-baker assisting. Drizzle on some caramel sauce – homemade or store-bought – and you are done. Then just sit back and enjoy!

Naked chocolate carrot cake with a slice missing to show the inside

Make a naked chocolate carrot cake this Easter

This chocolatey twist on a classic Easter cake is easy, delicious and perfect for the season. The simplicity of the naked chocolate carrot cake means you will not be spending too much time decorating the cake and trying to get it perfect – rustic simplicity is the name of the game.

Why not make this naked chocolate carrot cake for your Easter afternoon tea or dessert?

Perfect for Easter: Naked chocolate carrot cake, banner, with image of slice of cake with Easter serviette and fork
Sign-off Bon appetite
The perfect treat for Easter: Naked chocolate carrot cake with caramel frosting and Easter egg decorations; here on a green cake stand


  • Jen

    What an adorable idea for an Easter cake! I had never heard of a naked cake, now I know what that means. And boy, do I love a carrot cake. Yum!

  • Roamy

    I’m a terrible cook and even more lousy at baking, I`ve baked bread now and then but they come out harder than cardboard but this carrot cake is something I`d love to try especially now that I can not buy easter cake at my favorite shop. Thanks so much for sharing.

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