Ice ice Baby! New series: delicious summer ice creams and refreshing summer sorbets
Ice creams and sorbets,  Yum

Ice ice, Baby Series

Summer is here, so its time for our ‘Ice ice, Baby series!’

Over the next few weeks, we will be posting recipes for simple, yet delicious ice creams and sorbets. There will be something in it for young and old.

To launch our Ice ice, Baby series today, we have a quiz on what your ice cream choices say about you. Are you an optimist? A perfectionist? A realist? Try our quiz and find out what your choices reveal and what ice cream or sorbet you should be making!

I can’t promise you any “brand new inventions” but I can promise easy and delicious ice cream and sorbet recipes. So try one of our recipes today – you won’t regret it.

Ice cream – a brief history

There is some discrepancy as to when ice cream was first ‘invented’. Some say it was in Ancient Greece during the 5th century B.C., while others credit the Chinese for inventing a frozen mixture of milk and rice around 200 B.C. Emporer Nero is said to have served a mixture of snow, honey, fruit and nuts to his guests.

Whenever it was invented, almost everyone loves ice cream. Kings and queens – Charles I of England paid his own ice cream maker a lifetime pension in exchange for keeping the recipe secret – and presidents are known fans. US President Thomas Jefferson and First Lady Dolley Madison both served it on auspicious occasions.

Arguably, it was the second half of the 20th century and the introduction of cheap refrigeration that really brought ice cream to the masses.

How much ice cream do we eat?

Surprisingly, New Zealand is the number one consumer of ice cream per capita. In fact, New Zealand consumes nearly 30 litres per capita per year. That 7.5 litres more than the United States. The next biggest consumers are Australia, Finland and Sweden.

We take 50 licks, on average, to finish a one-scoop ice cream. Vanilla is the most popular flavour in the US and one in five people admit to sharing ice cream with their pet.

One in five people share ice cream with their pet

Take the quiz?

Neurologist, Dr Alan Hirsch has conducted a number of studies into preferred ice cream flavours and personality. This work was commissioned by ice cream manufacturers, such as Baskin-Robbins.

To mark the start of our auspicious and delicious Ice ice, Baby Series, we have prepared our own quiz. Naturally, we have paid almost no attention to Dr Hirsch and his study, but have come up with our own theories.

Want to find out what your ice cream choices say about you?

Try the quiz and find out!


How did we do? Do you agree with the results? Do you want the recipe?(As soon as the recipes are available, a link will appear here.)

  • Raspberry tea sorbet – 19 June
  • Magical unicorn ice cream – 26 June
  • Strawberry yoghurt ice cream – 3 July
  • Black liquorice ice cream – 10 July
  • Baileys Irish (ice) cream – 17 July
  • Raspberry Raffaello ice cream – 24 July

We hope you enjoy our suggestions!

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And for those of you who do not remember the lyrics enough to understand my construed references, here is “Ice Ice Baby” from Vanilla Ice. Released in December 1989… now I do feel old!

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