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Delicious and simple strawberry yoghurt ice cream

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Welcome back to our Ice ice, Baby series and the next recipe on the list: delicious and simple strawberry yoghurt ice cream.

An instant hit

This ice cream was a hit! We had a family gathering for Easter and the relatives were coming back for a second – and even third bowl of this delicious treat. It was even difficult to get a photo before it was all gone!

It was a hit with Miss M, too. This recipe is so simple, that Miss M did most of the work (and she is still a few months off turning 4). She poured the ingredients into the bowl and stirred. Of course, she was also my chief taste-tester and bowl-licker. I just got to cut up the strawberries.

Miss M was particularly proud of the fact that she was the chief chef in this case. Her aunt and Oma were informed that she had made it (which I had to confirm) when she gave them their bowls and she stood watch over them as they took their first spoonful. When they made the right motions and indicated that it tasted delicious, she just beamed.

How to make the strawberry yoghurt ice cream without an ice cream maker

As I have mentioned before, I have an ice cream maker bowl for my KitchenAid. Of course, this recipe would work equally well with any other ice cream maker.

Alternatively, you could make it without one, freezing the mix in a freezer and taking it out at various periods (after an hour and then after each half-hour) to mix well.

If you are using an ice cream maker, make sure you put the freezer bowl or block in a deep freezer. A normal freezer will not be cold enough for it to turn the mixture into ice cream.

If you are making it without an ice cream maker, I would recommend that you don’t put the mixture in the deep freeze. It will freeze it quickly, but the ice cream will be very hard and difficult to remove from the container later. It may also mean that the strawberry pieces sink to the bottom. As it freezes so quickly, it might not be possible to mix these evenly through the rest.

Other options

I used strawberries, but I imagine it would work just as well with any other berries. Raspberries or blackberries, anyone? Yum!

Other fruit would work well too and be just as easy. Mango or banana yoghurt ice cream anyone?

One of these days I’m going to replace the strawberry pieces with dark chocolate chips – crushed a little to make them smaller. I can just imagine it. Can you? I am sure that my learner chef would be on board for this version too.

Enjoy this strawberry yoghurt ice cream on a warm day while relaxing in the garden if possible. It’s great on its own or is particularly lovely with fresh fruit.

Make some strawberry yoghurt ice cream today!

Are strawberries on sale or are they in season? Have you been strawberry picking or do you have some in your garden? This strawberry yoghurt ice cream is a fantastic way to use this bounty. It is simply delicious and so easy – as Miss M will quickly confirm.

If you have fresh (or even not so fresh) strawberries available, why not make some today with your little one? It’s the perfect, super easy treat, even without an ice cream maker.

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A super easy and delicious Summer feast: Strawberry yoghurt ice cream. The family was coming back for more and it was so simple our 3 year old did most of the work. Image of a bowl with three scoops of strawberry yoghurt ice cream.


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