A Scandinavian-inspired Easter: Faux stained glass Easter art, with a close up of our faux stained glass Easter egg
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Easy faux stained glass Easter art

With so many families dealing with or facing school shutdowns, we thought it might be nice to share another one of the projects we’ve been working on this week. This faux stained glass Easter art is simple to make and requires almost no supplies. It’s fun and easy and looks great on your windows. Why not make some with your kids while they are stuck at home?

The finished faux stained glass Easter art, ready for hanging

The inspiration

A while ago, I saw this faux stained glass project done by Ashley of At home with Ashley. It was actually one of the projects that made me decide to follow her blog.

Around the same time, we visited the Cologne cathedral again. I just love this stained glass window and would love to make something along these lines using Ashley’s technique one day.

My favourite stained glass window at the Cologne Cathedral

But let’s be real. We are in isolation and the shops that are open do not sell the goods needed for the project. It is one that will have to wait. no, now we will need to go with something significantly simpler.

Instead, we took our inspiration from our DIY graphic watercolour art.

I vaguely remembered making artwork for the windows while I was at school. I know, a long time ago. Still, I know it would be low tech and I was likely to have everything we would need. Once I remembered how to make it, I was right.

This mini project is also a great one to do to brighten up your neighbourhood. In our area, children (I assume) are drawing bright pictures and putting them up in their windows for others to see when they are out walking. This simple act is just one way that children can influence the world around them at this difficult time.

Our faux stained glass Easter art, hanging on our window

Tips for making your faux stained glass Easter art

This art project is so easy, I really only have one tip: use bright-coloured markers. Nice clear colours – not pastels – work best.

You also do not need to make an egg. As we did with our graphic watercolour art, you could try a graphic rabbit shape. Or perhaps a flower? Or make an image that has little to do with Easter. If we can find enough markers with slightly different shades of the same colours, we are thinking of making a rainbow. I will post an update if we do.

Make some faux stained glass Easter art to brighten your windows

The beauty of this faux stained glass Easter art is its simplicity. You need almost nothing to make one for your own windows and it is likely that you will have all that you need in your cupboards. It’s definitely the type of project I like: maximum impact from minimal cost and effort.

Why not make some with your kids today?

Scandinavian-inspired Easter decor: faux stained glass Easter Art; with close up image; banner

Faux stained glass Easter art

What you need

  • grease-proof paper
  • felt-tipped pens
  • ruler
  • egg form
  • scissors
  • A piece of coloured cardboard or card, preferably black (optional)
  • Sticky tape
What you need to make the faux stained glass Easter art

How to make your faux stained glass Easter art

1. Find or draw your egg form in the size you wish and cut it out to use as a template.

2. Trace the template onto a piece of grease-proof paper and outline the form in black marker.

3. Mark the outline at intervals with a dot then mark 3-4 points randomly within the egg shape also with a dot.

4. Use the rule and black marker to draw lines to connect the dots until you have a design that you are happy with.

First steps for making the faux stained glass Easter art: egg outlined on grease-proof paper, lines drawn to connect the dots and the first segments coloured in

5. Use bright felt tips markers to colour in each of the shapes formed by connecting the dots.

6. If you wish, trace the egg shape onto your piece of card and cut it out to create a frame for your faux stained glass Easter egg. Cut out your finished egg and use some tape to ‘mount’ it in the frame then attach it to a window. I actually made a frame (in blue, I did not have any black), but Miss M decided she preferred it without a frame.

Close up of our faux stained glass
Happy Crafting Sign-off
An easy Easter craft to make with kids: Faux stained glass Easter art, with image of rainbow coloured Easter egg on a window

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