A room full of love: More DIY ids room projects
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A room full of love: more DIY kid’s room projects

We’ve already toured the wall art in Miss M’s room, and we’ve shared how to make the ‘Once upon a time’ wire wall art and the numbered chest of drawers. We’ve promised a room tour video, but you will have to wait another week for that. Today we’re looking at the other DIY kid’s room projects in Miss M’s room full of love.

I’ll be honest: I had intended to put this all in one post together with the video. However, when I went to write it all up, I realised it was going to be far too long. I’m happy for the delay, though – I really don’t have the video ready for release yet…

I hope you will enjoy today’s ’round-up’ of DIY kid’s room projects – all of which can be found in Miss M’s room.


My Mum actually helped with this one during her last visit.

While I could have made these pompoms myself using instructions such as these from Martha Stewart, I ended up buying some and some paper lanterns at local stores and online to save time.

My Mum and I took some of the white pompoms and painted patches of them in watercolour paint.

We then grouped all the pompoms together in a visually pleasing manner and hung them from the ceiling.

Pompoms - DIY kids room projects


This was actually part of an art nouveau chest of drawers/vanity that I found second-hand in Brussels.

Originally, it was orange peach-coloured and had a chunky frame attaching it to the chest of drawers. Definitely not the look I wanted.

When Mum and Dad came over for Miss M’s birth, Dad had a list of jobs, one of which was to paint the chest of drawers. We both liked the mirror so much (great size and I love that bevelling), that he finished the frame, too.

It is hung too high for Miss M to really use at the moment, but she still likes to be lifted up so she can adjust her crown.

Antique oval mirror with bevelled glass

Faux unicorn taxidermy

I cheated on this one. I found the unicorn taxidermy at a local store and decorated it with flowers, ribbon and buttons to personalise it.

Faux taxidermy unicorn

House shelves

These mini house-shaped shelves are from amazon. I simply used paint, superglue, paper and a decoupage technique to decorate the 4 houses to suit. You might notice that the paper on the back of the shelves is the same as the paper on Miss M’s café.

Little house shelves


This one is easy to do, but much more complicated to explain – too complicated for this post. I will follow up with another post on it at a later date.

With Mum’s help (she kept Miss M distracted), I created a simple mobile that Miss M loves.

As a newborn, her change table was directly under the mobile. A simple breath of air was enough to send the mobile spinning or waving. It kept her enthralled for much longer than I needed to change her nappies.

DIY kids room projects - watercolour mobile

Light shade

If my memory serves me correctly, Mum was here for this one, too.

Paper lantern light shades such as this one are so easy to personalise. There are even a number of stand lamps with paper shades.

Take some paint (preferably watercolour so that the light still gets through) and paint as much or as little of the shade as you want. You can change the colours to suit your decor, and even make it a themed light shade. For example, paint it in blues and greens and turquoise and then add some silhouettes of mermaids or cardboard pictures of mermaids. Or paint a rough green and brown landscape and then add dinosaurs.

Pompom blanket

I loved the look of pompom blankets and wanted one for Miss M’s room. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one I liked or that worked with the room colours – and definitely not one at a price I was prepared to pay.

I found this couch blanket from Catherine Lansfield in soft green on Wayfair; I added the pompoms.

DIY kids room projects - pompom blanket
DIY kids room projects - pillows and blanket


Miss M has four main cushions in her room, three of which qualify as DIY kids room projects. The fourth I sure could (because I have made something similar for another room), but in this case it is purchased.

  1. Je t’aime cushion (on the chair): both were from H&M but is no longer available
  2. Rainbow cushion – I made it using this tutorial. The only thing I would change is to reposition the rainbow a little.
  3. Watercolour pillow – I will make a tutorial on how to make this cushions in the not too distant future. I’ll probably put it in the same post at the mobile, so look out for it.
  4. Star pillow – handsewn and wonky, but still has its charm. It’s made out of a stretchy fake leather in silver. Originally it was a square pillow – the material was much cheaper that way.
DIY kids room projects - pillows

Rainbow wall hanging

I cheated on this one. I was intending to make a rainbow wall hanging for Miss M’s room and had found some instructions on how to make one (Ashley’s looks gorgeous and easy), but when I saw this one, I couldn’t justify the time and cost of making my own. I found Miss M’s rainbow at Depot and am very happy with the quality for the price. Perhaps one day I will make my own, but until then, this is definitely sufficient.

Faux DIY kids room projects - rainbow hanging

DIY kid’s room projects

These easy DIY kid’s room projects are all part of Miss M’s room full of love. If you want any more information on how to make any of these projects, please let me know. I hope you will tune in next week for the room tour.

Until then, enjoy the views!


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