DIY Christmas gifts: ice cream hair clips; simple, quick and fun; stocking stuffers for a young girl; advent gifts
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Cute ice cream hair clips: the perfect DIY stocking stuffer for young girls

It’s that time of year again when we start thinking about gifts. This time, I’m making ice cream hair clips.

I like to try and find some time to make some small gifts for a few select individuals. Most of the time, this now involves me helping Miss M make something for her grandparents or for Peter. I don’t have a lot of spare time to make much else unless it is jars of homemade biscuits or chutney.

This year, because we will be travelling to Australia, there are restrictions on what I can take. I won’t have space for anything too huge, either. Instead, I have been trying to come up with some easy, small, non-food items to make – or for Miss M to make for her. It’s quite difficult!

And of course, if you have been following this blog for a while, you will know we like ice cream, especially homemade ice cream!

Ice cream hair clips clipped to a white ribbon; DIY gifts for a young girl; simple, quick and fun

My inspiration for for these ice cream hair clips

I found these really cute ice cream hair clips for Miss M to go in her advent calendar. Then I saw the totally disproportionate price that I was going to have to pay for postage and I baulked. A couple of days later, I realised that I had almost everything I needed to make some myself.

Better still, it would only take a few minutes. It literally took me about ten times as long to write up this post as it took me to make the ice cream hair clips.

Make your own today!

What you need

What you need to make these ice cream hair clips: hair clips, pompoms, gold paint pen, foam sheet, scissors, ribbon and a glue gun

I was lucky enough to have almost everything I needed already on hand, which made this simple DIY even quicker (and cheaper). To make these ice cream hair clips you will need:

  • hair clips – however many you wish. It is better if they are fun Summer colours
  • thin foam sheet in yellow or butter (even cream or white will do)
  • a gold paint pen
  • small pompoms in fun ice cream colours; best in groups of three
  • a strip of ribbon, about 2 cm wide
  • a hot glue gun
  • scissors

How to make ice cream hair clips

1. Cut out a cone

Take the foam and cut out a shape that looks like an isosceles triangle with a semi-circle on top (so, like an ice cream cone with one scoop). Make sure your cone form is the width of two pompoms, side-by-side.

2. Decorate

Use the gold pen to ‘decorate’ the cone, drawing on stripes or diamonds to look like a cone. Paint around the cut edge too.

Steps 1 & 2: cut out cone shape and decorate to look like a cone; how to make these DIY ice cream hair clips

3. Attach the scoops

Use the glue gun to attach the pompoms to the semicircle to look like ice cream scoops. Nearly there!

4. Attach the cone

Using your hot glue gun again, attach the cone to the fat end of the hair clip. If you are making more than one, make sure you glue one on one way and one upside down. That way they will be the right side up when clipped in on each side of the head. Make sure you let the glue dry properly!

And you’re done!

The finished ice cream hair clips; a simple, quick and fun  gift for a young girl

5. Wrapping

You’re probably wondering why you need the ribbon. You don’t.

I found it easiest to wrap the clips by ‘clipping’ four of them to a bit of ribbon. At best, the ribbon should be about 2 cm wide; length will depend on the number of hair clips.

How to wrap the DIY ice cream hair clips;  clip them to a piece of ribbon; a simple DIY Christmas stocking stuffer for a young girl


I used what I had on hand. What you use may depend on what you already have, too.

If you don’t have a yellow or butter coloured foam sheet, use white and draw on it with a yellow paint pen. The cones are not particularly large, so that even small bits of foam – even precut shapes – could be used.

If you don’t have small pompoms (I nearly ran out of them), use just one larger pompom and make a single scoop ice cream hair clip.

Do you know a little girl who would love some ice cream hair clips?

Super cute and so easy and quick to make: are these not the perfect stocking stuffer or advent gift for a little girl? If you have a little girl in your life who would like them, get started on your holiday ‘shopping’ and make some today!

Happy crafting sign off
DIY ice cream hair clips; DIY stocking stuffers and holiday gifts; a simple, quick and fun DIY for a young girl; Christmas stocking stuffers, advent gifts and holiday fun

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