Hallway update: progress report
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Hallway update ​progress report: significant inroads but a long way still to go

Although progress has stalled recently, we have made some significant progress in our hallway and entry update since our last post. A hallway update progress report is in order! We still have a number of decisions to make, but we can already see the difference.

A bench for the entry

The biggest change is in the entry area. We ended up donating the pram/pusher to a local charity, rather than sell it via ebay classifieds. This immediately gave us more space.

We had considered numerous options for the area. Our key needs were functionality, storage and working with the existing furniture. This last criterion meant that anything that was too square, in a different wood tone or had a glossy finish would probably not work.

By chance, when we were looking for ideas, we received an IKEA newsletter with their new summer outdoor furniture in the post. Immediately, we both pointed to the same bench.

  • The size was good for the room
  • We could use it to put on shoes
  • We could place our bags on it
  • There was space for some baskets or something underneath for storage.
The very red bench: hall update progress report

Some painting is in order

The only problem was the colour. Red was not part of the plan! I wanted to go paler. We decided to purchase it and I will paint it at a later date, probably in white or pale pink. Does anyone know how to paint powder-coated furniture?

Unfortunately, it has been weeks since we purchased it and the gods seem to be against a new colour scheme. First, it was too wet. Then, we were too busy. We remained busy and had a visitor from Australia.

Now the gods have upped the ante. We have some major construction works on the east side of our house and roadworks to the west. There’s dust everywhere! Not only is it noisy, but it’s not very conducive to repainting the bench at the moment. All painting efforts are on hold.

Red bench: hallway update progress report

Other bits

The bench is surprisingly comfortable and has the added advantage that we can take it outside if we need more seating. I intend to find a couple of cushions for it but will decide on which ones as the last step.

Originally, I was planning to find some storage baskets for underneath. In the shuffle to make way for the bench, a large vintage suitcase became available. I quite like it there – both for practical storage and for looks.

We also purchased the small Knodd rubbish bin from IKEA. It fits perfectly under the bench and stores Miss M’s shoes. It is now another thing Miss M likes about IKEA.

Door handles

The next big change was the door handles – except for the one to our shared area, which my husband will have to discuss with my mother-in-law. We looked for the simplest ones we could find at the hardware store, in aluminium or brushed steel finish, which had the holes and screws in the same place as our original ones. In the end, we found some from Hoppe, which fitted perfectly.

They were also surprisingly easy to change. My biggest difficulty was getting the old ones off – I had not seen the hidden screws that were holding them in place. A couple of youtube videos later, and I had the first one done.

In the end, I managed to get all three changed in under 40 minutes – including changing the one on our daughter’s bedroom door which had been “painted” stuck.

Why three? The fourth one – the bathroom door handle – was changed by our bathroom renovation team (yes, I know we are still waiting for that post).

Gallery wall update

New gallery wall: hallway update progress report

The third big change that needs mentioning in this hallway update progress report was the frames of our gallery wall. I kept the pink and turquoise ones and changed the rest for white. This change so simple, but it had such a big impact.

I also found a picture in my stock of unforgotten artwork, which went perfectly over the turtle tank. I wanted something with a water theme and was considering painting something. Luckily, I don’t have to! The print is Underwater by Helo Birdie. I quickly put the print in a white frame to match the ones on the gallery wall. A simple but significant improvement!

Underwater by Helo Birdie

Cabinet styling

After some trial and error, I also managed to style the glass cabinet. I am still intending to frost the glass to make it look more like a chemist’s cupboard, and I finally have an idea of what to put on it. Still, it could be a while before the weather and building gods give me a chance.

In the meantime, I wanted to ensure the cupboard didn’t look too crowded or chaotic. I managed to shop our house for most things but did purchase a couple of small things: the hand and the Eifel tower. I also made the paper plane artwork.

Styled hallway cupboard: hallway update progress report


Wayfair was having a sale. Is that not reason enough to buy a rug?

After a quick search and a very short shortlist, Peter and I decided on rugs for the entry and hallway. It was surprisingly simple – we must have similar tastes.

They work well to unify the space and I like the fact that they are much less busy than our last rugs. Progress report: this is one of the biggest changes to our hallway update.

How to remove old carpet tape

It took a while to work out how to get the carpet tape from the old rugs off the tile floor. Our most successful method:

  1. Scrape it off the floor using fingernails and an ice scraper or similar.
  2. Spray the remaining bits liberally with WD40. Allow to soak in.
  3. Scrape off the remaining bits with the ice scraper.
  4. Wash the floor well as WD 40 makes it very slippery!

Our one remaining conundrum in the rug department is the mat that lies at the end of the hallway between the two areas.

We found a small blue mat for less than one euro for the moment, but it is not really the right colour blue. At the moment we are matless. However, the tiles change height where the two rooms meet and we are still a little concerned about tripping.

We will keep looking.

Entry walls

We do have some not so good news to report as part of our hallway update progress report. Unfortunately, my plans to add some interesting wallpaper to the wall of the entry have been scuttled. The textured wallpaper already on our walls will distort any patterns so that it will not look good. I don’t have the time or desire to remove it anytime soon.

Instead, I am considering painting an accent wall in a navy blue. I may also paint a pattern onto the wall or use some removable decals as I did in Miss M’s room. I will decide on the navy first (I may still change my mind about the colour) and then decide what and how much will be painted.

Entry artwork

Finally, to complete our hallway update progress report: we have decided on the artwork for the entry.

A couple of months ago, Miss M drew some pictures of the three of us. Remarkably, you can actually recognise each of us in her drawings. I have decided to frame them and hang them over the secretaire.

I also intend to get her to draw another picture of our turtle to complete the set. That will be at least one project for the summer holidays.

Updated view from the hallway to the entry: progress report

Hallway update progress report

That is enough for our hallway update progress report for now. We have more baby steps to take, but we are getting there, despite the fact that the gods are against us. And it is already looking so much better. Thanks for keeping me accountable!

Hope we finish it soon! Until then,

Enjoy your Summer sign off

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