A dinosaur-themed birthday party for a girl: RAWR! I'm turning 4 with triceratops
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RAWR! I’m turning four! A dinosaur-themed birthday party for a girl

It is no secret that Miss M loves dinosaurs #littledinosauraficionado. Naturally, we were not at all surprised when she decided that she wanted a dinosaur birthday party. Not just any dinosaur birthday party: a rainbow dinosaur birthday party. But how do you throw a dinosaur-themed birthday party for a girl? Here’s how – our “RAWR! I’m turning four!” dino-themed party!

Ideas and time were limited

There is very little to find online about throwing a dinosaur birthday for a girl. In fact, there is very few dinosaur-themed clothing or gifts for girls. This season’s H&M kids range has 11 dinosaur hats, pyjamas, bags and T-shirts for boys, even one with sequins, but only one for older girls. This is common. So, instead, we had to make it up as we went along.

The lack of availability of dinosaur-themed party goods in pink or turquoise (Miss M’s current favourite colours) was exacerbated by the fact that Miss M only decided on the theme about a week before her birthday. We were away in Amsterdam most of the week before her birthday. Between the trip and work commitments, we had very little time to prepare. Therefore, we kept things simple and used a lot of things that we already had.

Not a typical kids birthday party

This was also not a typical birthday party with lots of kids. Instead, it was a small party with the German side of our family (all of whom are adults), our neighbours and some close family friends. Altogether there were four kids, including the birthday girl, and more than double the number of adults. Things were kid-friendly, but not excessively so.

The invitations

Truth: we sent electronic messages via whatsApp and Messenger. These contained the basics, but nothing about a theme.

If we had had more time (at least the 30 minutes it took for this design), we would have at least sent prettier invites electronically. Something like these.

Dinosaur-themed birthday invites for a girl who's turning four

If I had even more time, and Miss M had chosen the theme a few weeks in advance, I may have made individualised invites. The first thought would be to make them out of card, probably shaped like a dinosaur, with little confetti spots in various colours. Or at least send some images via WhatsApp. Sometimes you just don’t have the time.

The decorations

We kept the decorations simple, partly because of our time constraints and partly because it was not a typical kids birthday party. Miss M is not a typical dinosaur aficionado anyway.

The lightbox

We changed our lightbox to read “RAWR! I’m turning four!”. We already owned a little dino image for the lightbox.

The banner

Fortunately, I found a brand new ‘Happy Birthday’ banner in the cupboard. We strung it up between two plant hangers on our terrace and called it a day.

If I hadn’t been lucky enough to find one in the cupboard, I would have made one just for the day. Perhaps I would even use this FREEBIE!

Just click to download the file. Print out each flag and then attach to some string to hang. I find either hot glueing each flag to the string works well. Otherwise, fold each flag along the top white border and use the fold to hang the flag over the string, securing by sticking the flap down on the back of each flag.

Dinosaur-themed Birthday party banner

The RAWR! I’m turning four! DINOs

The dinos were the stars of our dinosaur-themed birthday party for our little girl (apart from Miss M, of course).  They were also a happy coincidence. 

On one of the hottest days in the year (so far), Miss M and I went shopping, primarily to spend the afternoon in air-conditioned comfort. While we were there, we went to the craft store to find a holiday project for Miss M. Unsurprisingly, she chose a ‘baby’ paper mâché Brachiosaurus

With everything else happening, we hadn’t had a chance to paint the Brachiosaurus yet. Remembering that there were a few other dinosaurs to choose from, Miss M and I raced back to the store (the day before the party, mind you) to purchase the other stars. She chose a T-Rex, a Stegosaurus and a Triceratops to complete the group. You can find similar ones on amazon, such as these.

We also bought some mini pompoms and some motif paper, as well as some paint (some of our colours were running low).

When we got home (and I had the baking under control), we set to painting the dinosaurs. Miss M chose the colours and I am glad she chose bright ones as it suited our theme well. 

Two – in some cases, three – coats later (and cakes all made) and the dinosaurs were ready for eyes and spots. 

Miss M decided that all of the dinosaurs should have spots. After a little trial and error, we discovered that it was easier for Miss M to point to where she wanted a spot and for me to actually paint the spots. Her spots tended to be too big for the dinos and looked more like cow flecks. The lighter colours, such as the yellow spots on the Stegosaurus, needed a few coats.

The dinos! Perfect for a dinosaur-themed birthday party for a girl

And their party hats

For our RAWR! I’m turning four! party, the dinosaurs needed birthday hats. So, bright and early the next morning, that is what I made (cutting it fine, I know). 

Miss M did not know about the hats – its nice to leave some surprises for the birthday girl.

I tried making a party hat the night before, but the universal glue did not hold well. Unfortunately, my glue pen was upstairs and I didn’t want to risk waking my MIL, so I had to wait until the next morning.

I used the instructions and template provided by Christie at This heart of mine, which can be found here.  Christie made her party hats for zoo animals, but the template and instructions worked well for our dinos, too. It is also easy to scale if needed.

Apart from the Triceratops (who had horns to help), the dinosaurs had difficulty keeping the hats on. I quickly added some string (a dot of glue on each side of the hat) and tied them under the chins and the hats were fine.

Then it was just a case of finding spots for the dinos so that they had the most impact for our dinosaur-themed birthday party!

The practical bits

Rainbow colours are a great help when throwing a dinosaur-themed birthday party for a girl.

As you have probably seen from various recipe photos, we already had a table cloth with the rainbow coloured polka dots. We coupled those with some IKEA plastic plates and cups, which we also already owned. The current version is these.

For safety, we added some bright striped straws to the mix We have a lot of wasps around at the moment. To avoid anyone getting stung, we had the straws for the kids and any adults that needed them.  

Bright plates and straws are an easy way to make a dinosaur-themed birthday party more girly

The food

There are a lot of food ideas for dinosaur-themed birthday parties and it doesn’t matter whether the guest of honour is a girl or boy. We went with what we had already arranged (cake and barbeque) and made up appropriate names for some of the foods. We had:

  • Herbivore snacks  – vegetable sticks (capsicum, carrots, cucumber and snow peas)
  • Coprolite dip – date, bacon and pecan dip
  • Mushed plants – guacamole 
  • T-Rex  ribs – barbeque spare ribs
  • Swamp & Algae water – apple and blueberry drinks (in bottles)
  • Lava cake – homemade blood peach tart
  • Chocolate dino-nest cupcakes – vegan chocolate cupcakes with chocolate eggs. I actually wanted to use jelly beans for the eggs, but couldn’t find any at our local supermarket.
Healthy vegetable sticks/herbivore snacks and labels at our dinosaur-themed birthday party for a girl

We also had some bratwurst and steaks (Carnivore treats), some hard-boiled eggs (fossil eggs) and some salads that were mostly for the adults and didn’t need labels. Other ideas that we considered include:

  • baby Pterodactyl legs or wings – chicken wings and legs
  • dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets
  • dino track biscuits – cookies with dinosaur footprints in them (made using toy dinos) and
  • mud or slime cups (chocolate pudding or green jelly cups).

The food labels

After working out what we were eating, I made some simple labels with our ‘dino’ names. Originally, the labels were in German, but you can download the English version here.

The birthday cake

The birthday cake was a stroke of genius if I do say so myself. You will have to wait a few days to find out what I did.

The pool

As it was a warm day, the kids had fun playing in the pool. And jumping on the new trampoline. And playing soccer. And playing with Barbies and toy dinosaurs.

The dino pool was a hit and it suited the rainbow dinosaur birthday party theme perfectly. If we had known when we purchased it that we were going to have that many kids in the pool, maybe we would have purchased this pool instead.

Inteva dinosaur pool for a dinosaur-themed birthday party in Summer - great for a boy or a girl

The party favours

I only thought about party favours on the day of the party when all the shops were closed. I managed to find some rainbow-coloured cupcake cups in my baking stash and some Haribo with dinosaurs in it. I put some dinosaurs in one cup and some balloons and a bouncy rubber ball in another.


Sad looking dinosaur-themed party favours

As you can see, the party favours were a little sad.

With more time and forethought, I would have done things differently. Had I known what a hit the dinos would be, I would have gotten some extra paper mâché dinos for the guests to decorate at home. Add some paint and a paintbrush and the sweets and balloons that I already had and the party favours would have been perfect. Instead of looking rushed and incomplete (which they were), our party favours would have looked more like this.


Fun and themed dinosaur birthday party party favors

Our guests are receiving dinos, paint, a paintbrush, some confetti and some more balloons. The gifts are wrapped and ready to be delivered tomorrow.

Planning your own dinosaur-themed birthday party for a girl?

If you have a little dinosaur aficionado who is turning four, have your own RAWR! I’m turning 4! birthday party. I know first-hand how difficult it can be to find dinosaur-themed birthday party ideas for girls, so use some of ours! Rainbows work well, and not everything has to be on theme, especially if you have adult guests as well.

What do you think? Is there something here that you would use for your own dinosaur-themed birthday party for a girl? Or are you looking to hold a RAWR, I’m turning four-party?

Dinosaur-themed birthday party for a girl: with brachiosaurus

Before you go

None of the links in this post are affiliate links nor have I been paid to recommend any of them or received any goods as payment. The ideas and opinions are all my own and are here to help out other parents who are also struggling to find inspiration for a dinosaur birthday party for a girl.

I have one wish: should you choose to download our freebies for your dinosaur-themed birthday party for your little dinosaur aficionado (girl), please consider leaving a comment or signing up to receive our newsletters and get more freebies in the future. It would mean a lot to us to know that you like these ideas.

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