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How to make wire Easter egg ears in 4 easy steps (though the 4th step doesn’t really count)

My first project this Easter was some simple, DIY, wire Easter egg ears.

I wanted to put some effort into our Easter decorations this year. My Mum died just after Easter, so it quickly became my least favourite holiday. Last year, I was still too raw to do much; this year, it was time for a change.

Although I wanted to up the ante with my Easter decor, I still wanted to keep things simple. Our (well, if I’m honest, mostly my) aesthetic tends towards Scandinavian, with a strong fun, antique, industrial edge and pops of colour. So it is no surprise that the decorations I decided on had a Scandinavian vibe.

These wire Easter egg ears or bunny ear crowns for easter eggs fit all of my requirements and are the first in our Scandi-inspired Easter decor projects.

I had seen some similar wire Easter egg ears for sale online and decided that they would probably be fairly easy to make. I was right – I made 4 crowns in under 30 minutes and they didn’t coast me anything because I already had the wire.

How to make Wire Easter egg ears; boiled eggs with wire bunny ears; Scandi-inspired Easter decor; easy DIY wire Easter egg crowns

How to make wire Easter egg ears

What you need

Part of the beauty of these easy DIY wire Easter egg ears (or any of our Scandi-inspired Easter decor) is that you need almost nothing to create them.

  • Some eggs to wear the crowns. They can be real (then boiled), chocolate or fake. I used some cheap plastic eggs that Miss M chose.
  • Wire: I used some 0.5 mm wire, which I had in silver, pink and mint from another project. A similar wire, such as plain silver wire, is available at most craft stores. Slightly thicker wire would also work, but I would not use thinner wire as it will be too difficult to see your crowns on your eggs.
  • Scissors or shears to cut the wire.
  • A Lego brick. This is just to ensure consistent ear sizing. A Duplo brick or anything else of similar size would work just as well.
What you need to make the wire Easter egg ears: wire, scissors, a lego block and eggs


Step 1: Start with a loop

Step one to making wire easter egg ears: Make a loop out of the wire in the diameter of your desired crown

Make a loop around the part of the egg where the crown should sit. Wind the wire around itself to secure it so that you have a loop in with the diameter of the desired crown.

Step 2: Add the ears using Lego for sizing

Use lego to gage the size of the bunny ears in your wire Easter egg crown and ensure that they are both the same size.

Start to make a second loop over the first, wrapping the wire around the first loop as you go. Make two ears, starting at the loop and branching out in an ear form. Use the Lego brick to make sure the ears are the same length. The studs on the Lego brick also help to get a nice round shape at the top of the ear.

Step 3: Add stability

Add stability to the bunny ear crown and strengthen it on the third time round then tie off. Your wire Easter egg ears are finished!

On the third time around the loop, add some extra twists, especially near the ears, just to stabilise the crown. Finally, cut the wire and tie it. You should have a very simple crown, with two bunny ears, in the diameter needed for your eggs.

Step 4: One last step

Finished wire Easter egg ears; finished ear crown for Easter eggs; Simple DIY scandi-inspired Easter decor

Et voilà: the final (though somewhat obvious) step. Place your wire Easter egg ear crown on your egg and you are done!

Make your own wire Easter egg ears

These wire Easter egg ears were so easy to make, four of them took about 15 minutes in total.

In fact, they were so easy and quick to make that I plan to make more for our hard-boiled eggs for our Easter Sunday brunch. I might even use the pink or mint wire, depending on the table settings and whether we decide to die the eggs. They may even be our Easter favours.

Make sure you check out our related posts on our Scandi-inspired Easter decor and our graphic watercolour Easter art.

What do you think: is this something you could whip up for your Easter celebration?

Have fun making yours this Easter!

Simple DIY wire Easter egg ears, with freshly-picked weeds, no flowers as additional decoration; Scandi-inspired Easter decor
Happy crafting sign off
How to make wire Easter egg ears; Simple Scandi-inspired DIY bunny ear crowns for Easter eggs







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