What, no teapot?
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What, no teapot?

If you can believe it, I do not own a teapot. I know! Shock! Horror! Right? How can I drink tea with my Mum and write a blog about it if I don’t own a teapot? That’s just not right!

My Mum owned several, all lovingly used and shared. Specific teapots were used for specific guests and depending on the number of tea drinkers. Some teapots had themes, some went with particular tea sets. Other teapots were merely for show.

My Dad still has the teapot that Mum and I used most often. When Mum passed, most of her teapots were shared among friends and family, so that they could remember taking tea with Mum.

I was offered my choice, but was reluctant to take one of the teapots because I didn’t want it to get broken in my suitcase on the way home. That would have been tragic and there was no real way to prevent that from happening. I’m not sure that Dad would have parted with the one that I wanted anyway.

I need a teapot

Now, I am on the hunt for my own teapot. From my research (well, taste-testing), I know that  tea, which has seeped in a teapot, tastes much better than tea in a cup, even if you are only using bags rather than loose tea. Accordingly, I need to find a teapot.

Something simple would be best, without too much pattern, but with elegant lines. It does not have to be large – two to four cups will suffice – but it should not break the budget either.  Should try a second hand store, or buy something new as a late birthday present to myself? It would also be nice to find a matching cup and saucer.

Any ideas while I go on my hunt?

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