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Tea with Mum has a guest post!

Today, Tea with Mum is very excited to have its very first guest post ever over on Katie the Tourist. We are so thankful to Katie for the opportunity. Please jump on over to her site and have a look!

Don’t forget to check out some of Katie’s other posts while you are there. I was laughing out loud at some of the names of the towns in she visited in the Cotswolds. Snelsmore Common? Lower Slaughter? We will have to visit and see whether they live up to their names.

Cookie, her dog is also so cute!

Guest posting is scary!

Guest posting is always a little nerve-racking. Yes, it is a chance to show a whole new audience what Tea with Mum can do. However, because it is someone else’s audience, it is difficult to know how they will respond to the post.

Choosing where to guest post – and getting the other blogger to agree to the post- is also difficult, especially for a very new blog. That is why we were so grateful to Katie for giving Tea with Mum the chance to guest post.

What else is happening?

In other news, you can expect a follow up to this guest post soon with a Brussels inspired recipe with – you guessed it – Brussel sprouts.

We also have some more travel posts lined up and some more travel planned in the near future. We’re only at the start of this blogging journal and still have much more to share.

For our next trip, we’re heading south. Not as far as Australia – though we do plan to get there this year – but to one of our favorite cities. And we are going to abolish the myth that it is not a place to visit with kids. Miss M loved it, which alone is a great recommendation.

Until then:

Enjoy your trip sign-off
Tea with Mum has a guest post - about Brussels and where to find the best chocolate - on Katie the Tourist

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