We're in Summer holiday mode
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We’re in Summer holiday mode

Things are about to get a little more chaotic than normal around here. For the next six weeks, mothers all around the country will be looking more frazzled than normal. Yes, we’re in Summer holiday mode.

What we have planned

We have a lot of fun things lined up for Miss M, including a mother-daughter trip to Amsterdam, a week in Italy, a trip to a new dinosaur park and some shopping at the big blue supermarket. We’re both rather excited. She’s already looking forward to tomorrow’s night-tour of the zoo.

The other complication

We actually had a number of projects lined up for the holidays, including some spray painting to finish our hallway and entry update. Unfortunately, our neighbours have decided to build a rather large eyesore (AKA an apartment building with seven apartments). No, we are not happy about it.

At the moment, they are levelling off the block and digging out the cellar. Dust EVERYWHERE! While it might be fun for Miss M to watch the comings and goings, it is loud and dirty and hazardous for any spray painting attempts.

All spray painting is now on hold, at least for the short term. Luckily, we don’t have a shortage of other things to do now that we’re in Summer holiday mode!

What this means for Tea with Mum

While we are out and about we will be gathering great fodder for future Tea with Mum posts, it will mean that we will have less time to actually write. Our blogging scheduling over the next six weeks will be a little erratic and spontaneous. We hope you’ll still drop by to see what we have to say. Follow us on Facebook or sign up for our emails and you can keep updated about what we have going on.

We’ll also be trying to post more to Facebook and trying out something new on Instagram (thanks to Sascha Lassey of Everyday She’s Sparkling for the inspiration and instructions).

Fingers crossed – you’re going to like it.

Until then,

Enjoy your Summer sign off

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