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Spring has sprung

It’s spring, that beautiful time of year when some of my favourite flowers are in full bloom. The daffodils are being their sunny selves. The tulips are poking their heads out. Soon we will be able to visit the Keukenhof again. The blossom is bringing a promise of sweet summer fruit. The beautiful magnolia is in full bloom, too.

Magnolia is one of my favorite plants. I know it makes a mess and it only flowers for a short period of time, but I think it is beautiful. Unfortunately, my mother-in-law is our chief gardener, and she abhors the mess they make. I don’t think we will be planting any in our garden any time soon.

Spring in Brussels…

Spring was my favourite seasons in Brussels – as opposed to summer where rain was incredibly frequent. One of the things I loved most about spring was the blooming magnolia. Each art nouveau building seemed to have its own magnolia tree in various shades. Did I mention that Brussels is one of the art nouveau capitals of the world?

and then in Germany

I missed the spring Magnolia in Germany. We used to live in Düsseldorf where there was nary a magnolia tree to be seen.

This year, however, it is everywhere. It turns out that there are about 20 trees in our immediate neighbourhood! Somehow, I had not noticed them before and they were all in full bloom. Perhaps that is because I was not here at this time two years ago.

We also found some magnolia in Wuppertal when visiting our zoo. interestingly, it was growing in the gardens of art nouveau houses. Perhaps there is something I don’t have to miss about spring in Brussels?

Happy Friday, friends. Enjoy the full spring blooms!

Magnolia tree in full bloom for spring
The magnolia tree in the front garden of a neighbour’s house is just loaded down with flowers

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