4 easy DIY Christmas wreaths that take under 30 minutes to make; 4 very different but very easy DIY Christmas wreaths; DIY seasonal decor
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4 simple Christmas wreaths to make this Christmas

This year, we didn’t want to go overboard on the Christmas decorations. We won’t be home for Christmas and don’t want to put up too many ornaments or even the tree and then not be around to enjoy them. Still, we wanted to maintain the tradition of making a Christmas ornament each year. So we came up with 4 simple Christmas wreaths to share with you.

Scandi-inspired eucalyptus Christmas wreaths

Anyone who has been following Tea with Mum for a while will know: I love the simplicity and beautiful lines of Scandinavian-inspired seasonal and home decorations. This year we decided to make a eucalyptus Christmas wreath to hang in one of our windows.

I decided to go with eucalyptus for the wreath because the smell reminds me of home. It also normally lasts longer than a fir tree and doesn’t make as much mess.

This Christmas wreath is so simple and quick to make – it took around 20 minutes. I plan to make another one without ornaments and possibly with some paper flowers for Spring.

4 easy DIY Christmas wreaths that take under 30 minutes to make; a Scandi-inspired, minimal eucalyptus wreath, tailored to suit your decor

What you need

  • A (floral) hoop – I found my gold one at one of my favourite home decor shops a few months ago, but you can find something similar here. If you can’t find a florists hoop, use an embroidery hoop. Mine is 35 cm wide.
  • Eucalyptus spray (real or fake); I used three
  • lorist wire
  • Small ornaments to suit your general Christmas colour scheme. These can be any type you like.
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors/pruning shears

How to make it

  1. Work out roughly how you want to arrange your eucalyptus. It works best if the sprays are all pointing in the same direction.
  2. Wrap the florist wire (about 20 cm) tightly around the end of the eucalyptus spray and then the hoop. Wind the wire around the hoop and the eucalyptus spray only often enough that the spray sits along the hoop as you would like. Repeat with the other sprays until the desired amount of greenery is reached. Use the scissors or pruning shears to cut off any excess.
  3. Decide on the placement of your ornaments. I used the florist wire again, threading each ornament onto the wire, twisting the wire around the top of the ornament to hold the ornament in one place on the wire and then winding the wire around the eucalyptus and the hoop. The ornaments can be easily moved above or below leaves, as desired. If your ornaments are flatter, you could use a hot glue gun to attach them.
  4. Cut the ribbon to double the length you need to hang the Christmas wreath. Loop the ribbon through the hoop and then tie the two ends together to join. If you like, add a bow.
  5. Hang and enjoy!

Bell Christmas wreaths

This one is based on a large bell ornament that Miss M and I found at TK Maxx. She fell in love with it and I could see it working well with her bedroom.

4 easy DIY Christmas wreaths that take under 30 minutes to make; a bell Christmas wreath made from a simple large Christmas ornament

What you need

  • One large ornament, such as a star made out of small bells
  • Some ribbon which coordinates with your other decor – Miss M chose pink…
  • cissors

How to make it

  1. Attach ribbon to the ornament in a large loop in the desired length.
  2. Optional: Add a large bow where the ribbon meets the ornament.
  3. Hang and enjoy.

Advent wreaths

If you follow us on Facebook, you will have read that the Advent calendar tradition started in Germany. Well, the advent wreath tradition also started in the north of Germany.

Traditionally, an advent wreath is round, covered in fir sprays and has four candle holders and candles. It will also often have some ribbon and ornaments for decoration.

With an Advent wreath, you light one candle each Sunday for the four Sundays before Christmas. The first Advent can fall any time between 27 November (earliest) and 3 December. This year, the first Sunday of Advent falls on 1 December, the same day that the Advent calendars also start. This is quite unusual!

Our version is not so traditional but takes only moments to make. Miss M even made it this year (with a little instruction).

4 easy DIY Christmas wreaths that take under 30 minutes to make; a simple but beautiful Advent wreath help count down the time before Christmas

What you need

  • 4 candles
  • Numbers 1-4. Ours are metal with a pin on the back, similar to these. If you can’t find any, you can use some ribbon and something like a cardboard star with a number on it: tie the ribbon around the candle and attach the numbered star. Just be sure to pay attention when burning the candle that the star doesn’t burn with it.
  • A large flat glass vase or bowl
  • Approx. 80 small baubles in various colours (plastic is safer)

How to make it

  1. Attach the numbers to the candles (push the pin into each candle).
  2. Place the candles in the bowl with numbers facing out to mark four corners.
  3. Fill the gaps with the small ornaments.
  4. Light a candle and enjoy!

Colourful bauble Christmas wreaths

I was looking for a Christmas wreath that was simple and colourful but would go with our other Christmas ornaments. Most of the one ones I managed to find were either hideously expensive or were in colours that did not work with our other decor.

With me that means: DIY a Christmas wreath.

This one was so easy. Miss M even helped.

4 easy DIY Christmas wreaths that take under 30 minutes to make; a super easy Christmas ornament wreath

What you need

  • A wire coat hanger
  • Baubles in the desired colour and size – they need not be round but should have caps and loops. I used a 96-piece set but had about 15 remaining. The baubles should also be plastic – they have a habit of coming apart at the cap and the ball falls on the floor – this is not useful if they are glass!
  • Optional: glue (to fix the cap to the baubles – make sure you get glue that won’t melt your baubles)
  • Coordinating ribbon (I used approximately 2.5m)
  • Pliers

How to make it

  1. Use the pliers to unwind the top of the coat hanger so that it no longer joins.
  2. Thread the ornaments onto the coat hanger in whatever order you wish. Continue threading on ornaments until the coat hanger is nearly full.
  3. When you have enough, use the pliers to reconnect the two ends of the coat hanger.
  4. You may find that some of the baubles need to be glued between the ball and the cap
  5. Wind ribbon around the hook and tie it in a large bow
  6. Hang and enjoy!

Which Christmas wreaths are you making this year?

Each of these Christmas wreaths was extremely easy and took no more than 30 minutes to complete, even with Miss M’s assistance. They are easy to tailor to suit your normal decor, as well as your Christmas decor.

I will be updating this post with a fifth wreath, but I just have not had an opportunity to make it (Miss M has been poorly). Make sure you check back for that idea and the instructions!

Happy crafting sign off
4 easy DIY Christmas wreaths that take under 30 minutes to make; a super easy Christmas ornament wreath, an advent wreath, a bauble wreath and a scandi-inspired Eucalyptus wreath


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