Graphic water colour Easter art
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Scandi inspired Easter decorations

Graphic water colour wall art

The second element of my Scandinavian inspired easter decorations is some easy wall art, which is both water colour and geometric. It was very easy to make and our 3 year old even assisted, at least with the first part.

What you need

  • Cardstock or aquarelle paper
  • Water colour paints or pencils (or whatever you prefer to use for your water colour work)
  • Brush and water
  • Black marker (I used a 1.5 – 3 mm marker from Edding
  • Ruler

1. The shape

The first step is to decide on the motif. I chose a bunny and some eggs for Easter, though I could imagine a wreath or star for Christmas, a star for July 4th, a pumpkin for Autumn, a maple leaf for Canada Day, a heart for Valentine’s Day or a balloon for a birthday. I downloaded my egg shape online and just printed it out, scaled to three different sizes.

Cut out each shape, place over page and trace around them. Alternatively, you can just freehand the outline.

What you need to make this easy graphic water colour art
Finished product, with tools including the ‘form’

2. The water colour

Once you have the outline, use water colour paint or pencils, or even watered down acrylic paint, to paint your water colour background. There are two different approaches you can take here. I tried both and they each have their charm.

One is to keep the water colour within the form, where possible. The group of three eggs and the bunny are just done with water colour paints on cardstock.

Alternatively, you can let the colour bleed outside the motif or even deliberately paint outside the shape. The additional egg was done with water colour pencils on aquarelle paper. Just shade the area you want with the colours you want, then lightly brush with water.

Water colour background
Water colour splotches made with aquarelle pencils and water

Miss M helped with both. Admittedly, her main job was telling me which colour to put where, but she also did some painting on the larger egg.

4. The graphics

Once the paint has dried, take a black marker and outline your shape.

Pick and mark a number random points around the outline and ‘intersections’ within the shape. I found it easiest to pick points where different water colours met.

Making the graphic water colour Easter egg art
Outlined egg with various points around the outline and within the egg

Using a ruler, draw a line connecting one point and the closest intersection. Continue to do the same with the next point, and the next, then draw lines (with the ruler) to connect each intersections with one another. If needed, add more intersections. Continue until you like the look.

Easy and colourful graphic water colour Easter art
And finished!

Frame and hang (or lean) your graphic water colour Easter art and enjoy!

Graphic water colour art

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