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My mother died 22 months ago, after a brief but fierce fight with cancer.

I miss her every day.

While time has made things easier and the tears less frequent, sometimes I just wish that I could still sit down with her and talk things through over a cup of tea. She was one of my strongest supporters and closest confidants. We talked about the serious and not so serious, about plans and ideas and funny things that happen. She gave advice where it was needed and encouraged me to forge my own path. She was there to listen when I needed support and celebrate the wins. Despite the distance, she was always there for me.

Recently, one of my mum’s longest and wisest friends wrote to me, out of the blue. It was a lovely surprise to hear from her (I did not know that she had my email), but it made me cry at the same time. Like me, she misses my mum, but still has a regular cup of tea with her to talk things through. I don‘t know why I didn‘t think of trying it myself.

This blog will be me sharing a cup of tea with my Mum, discussing things that I would like to share with my Mum:
– Parenting wins and fails
– Travel plans and report
– Recipes for cakes and biscuits that I would bake to share with her over a cup of tea
– DIY and creative projects and changes to our home
– Humorous anecdotes or challenges about living in Germany as an expat or raising a bilingual child
– Things that I am doing and think of her or just want her input.

I know she can‘t talk back directly, but maybe me putting some of this down on paper and sharing it will give me a chance to think through an issue, as if we had shared a cup of tea and a chat together. Or maybe someone will share a comment that will resonate with me as “just what Mum would have said”. It will be a way for me to work through my grief and maybe give some comfort to someone facing a similar loss.

If nothing else, this blog will force me to take time out for myself and have a regular cup of tea and a think.

I hope you can join me sometimes.


    • Rachael Matthews

      Tea, or coffee, or vodka, or chocolate cake or a walk in the park or a sing under the stars – whatever helps you remember something you did with your Mum.

  • Andrew Matthews

    Don’t get yourself in a caffuffle young lady… Relax calm down and do it your way…most times it’s the right way

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