Once upon a time: homemade wire wall art
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‘Once upon a time’: how to make handmade wire wall art

Miss M has a lot of artwork on the walls of her room. Most of it is handmade, so I don’t have any second thoughts about replacing it. This one was something new, as a feature in her reading corner: the handmade ‘Once upon a time’ wire wall art.

Handmade wire anniversary art

This idea was not new to me. About two years ago I decided to make wire wall art of the song that Peter and I had at our wedding as an anniversary present.

At the time, I couldn’t find almost any tutorials online about how to make wire wall art. As I wanted something specific, it was difficult to find anyone who would make one of a specific phrase. So I decided just to make my own and came up with the tutorial as I went.

It still adorns the walls in our bedroom.

The handmade wire wall art for our anniversary

One for Miss M

When I decided to make another one for Miss M’s reading corner, I found a few shops on etsy that sold the phrase I wanted, such as Details And Decor.

This time, I was tempted just to buy one, but in the end, I decided to make another one. It didn’t take long last time, with a much longer phrase. Miss M also asked for her sign to be pink, which was not an option that was easy to find.

Reading corner with 'Once upon a time' handmade wire wall art


I used aluminium wire, 2mm diameter. I would not recommend using wire that is much thicker as it will get too difficult to bend. The wire should also not be too thin as it will not show up on the wall. To give you an idea of the length, I had five metres of wire and have about one metre left.

If you don’t want to use the guidance lines, you can just eyeball it and freehand your letters. Last time I did a little of both. However, I found where I used the guidance lines, the letters look better.

Likewise, you can decide whether you want to make each word separate or whether you want to join phrases together. Last time I joined, this time I made each word individually.

The first couple of letters will take more time. After that, you will get the hang of it it will be finished quite quickly. I made this while eating breakfast this morning. Don’t judge me: I actually did not feel like going down to the cellar to get the wire cutters, so I just used the poultry scissors from the kitchen. Worked a charm.

One difficulty is considering how best to join the letters in a word together. Generally, the easiest way will be to “write” as if you were writing in cursive script. This will not work for all letter combinations, but it will for most.

Apart from choosing what to write, the most difficult part is hanging the finished piece on the wall in a straight line – and using nails that are small enough to camouflage.

‘Once upon a time’ handmade wire wall art

What you will need to make the wire wall art

What you will need

  • Wire, approx. 2mm diameter. The length will depend on the length of your words
  • Wire cutters
  • Paper or pen
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Hammer and nails to hang the finished product

How to make it

Step 1

Choose your word or phrase or line of poetry or line from a song.

Step 2

Decide on the approximate height that you want and draw guidance lines on the paper. You will need: one baseline, one for capital letters, one for letters with a tail (g, j, y, p, q), one for the upper limit of lower case letters and perhaps one or two for taller lower case letters, if you don’t want these to be the same height as your capital letters (one for t, another line possibly for b, d, f, h, k and l).

Example guidance lines

Step 3

Using the lines as a guide, bend your wire to create the letters, holding them up to your guidance lines to check as you go.

When you have all of your letters and words, check that they are straight (especially if you have decided to join them together).

Testing the wire wall art against the guidance lines

Step 4

Use the hammer and nails to attach to the wall, placing the nails at appropriate intervals.

Once upon a time: handmade wire wall art


Reading corner with handmade wire wall art


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