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More Scandi inspired Easter deco

I’ve posted about my wire bunny ear crowns

…and instructions on how to make my water colour geographic wall art.

Now it is time to write about the rest of our Scandi-inspired Easter deco.

An Easter mantle

As I explained earlier, Easter had developed a rather bitter taste in my mouth because my Mum died at Easter. The second anniversary of her death is actually next week. This lead to my reluctance to decorate for Easter or make much of the occasion. This year, I decided that I needed to break out of my funk. This blog helped give me the push I needed.

As you may have seen from the water color graphic art with the three eggs, I added a couple of Easter touches to our mantle (which I hate – the mantle, not the Easter touches – but that is another story). On the right is a small pot of daffodils. Unfortunately, the dish that goes under the pot is lost (quite likely broken), so I stole borrowed one the plates from Miss M’s play kitchen.

On the left is one half of an old chocolate mould in the shape of a rabbit. I love it! This was one of the things I decided to buy for myself this Easter to try and get myself out of my funk. I found it on etsy and I was super happy with my choice and the service I got from Dany. If you are looking for a chocolate mould or something else fun and vintage, check out DanysVintageShop.

TV cabinet

The other half of the bunny sits on our TV cabinet (which is really a large coffee table) on the right side of the TV.

On the left side is a bowl of painted eggs. I found them a few years ago (before we got married), shopping with my Mum in Australia. The bowl came from my husband’s stock. Miss M likes to take the eggs out and line them up, and then tell me which ones she likes more and why, while putting them back in the bowl. Sometimes she just leaves them in a line, like soldiers.

The entry

Wondering where the other water colour graphic art ended up? In the entry area that we share with my mother-in-law on I guess what we would call our ‘landing strip’.

This is a shared area, so I can’t just dictate what does here. I can’t encroach too much, or be too daring. Leaning art or signs is great in that respect.

Both are sitting on some shelves, which we use for dirty shoes. Despite the Germanness of our household, we don’t have a strict shoes off policy, but dirty or wet shoes are corralled to this area.

You can just see a wooden box on the left – this is for hats, scarves and gloves in winter and caps and sunglasses in summer. We try and keep this as simple as possible so that our daughter can easily learn to put her things where they belong. The open space is where the newspaper goes once my MIL has read it and where our post goes, if my MIL empties the letter box. It is also our dumping ground temporary storage for anything that has to go upstairs.

Miss M helped me decorate the branches. They are just from our garden; the eggs are from some dollar store a few years ago; the pink vase is from IKEA.

The little photo is of my husband and his grandmother (mother-in-law’s mother). At some stage, I need to work out how to give it some support so that it will sit upright again. Any ideas?

Scandi-inspired Easter deco: Egg tree, geographic watercolour art, Easter sign
This is what greets you when you walk in our front door

Even the couch got in the act

The simple addition to the couch is a pink cushion with a bunny on it. I found it a few years ago at Depot, but it is now out of stock.

Easter bunny pillow

Sewing table

Finally, our sewing/console table also got a little Easter love. This is where our fresh flowers normally go (I love to have them in our home). Added to this is a small and simple ceramic bunny and an antique egg mould filled with jelly bean eggs. Again, I got the egg from DanysVintageShop. It was actually my first purchase, and I liked it so much, I went back for more. Miss M loves carrying it around as her own personal bowl. It has contained everything from eggs to apple slices to beads and Barbie shoes.

Scandi-inspired Easter deco: antique chocolate egg mould, simple white ceramic bunny, fresh flowers

Is that not enough?

It probably is enough. I will get some more fresh flowers for Easter itself. Somewhere in the cupboard there is also a table runner with black and white stripes and the word ‘Ostern’ (Easter in German) in bright colours. It will come out for the few days of Easter.

Hopefully, I will also dye some eggs with Miss M to give away to family and friends. I might even try to use some natural dyes, like cabbage, so she can learn about them.

For someone who has been avoiding Easter, I think I have done a good job of getting our house ready this year. I don’t want to overdo it – that is what Christmas decorations are for!

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