I am a Liebster Award Nominee
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I am a Liebster Award nominee!

I am a Liebster Award nominee! I couldn’t believe it when I saw the post from fellow blogger Marianne Scott of European Slice of Life fame nominating Tea with Mum for the award!

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and actually did a bit of both.

My blogging journey is still so new and I am still learning the ropes. That makes it even more amazing to think that other bloggers have already noticed some of my articles. There were tears of gratitude. Mum would have been proud.

I had to laugh, too, because of course I am a Liebster Award Nominee – the only award with a German connection.

What is the Liebster Award?

Liebster Award: Define New Blogs Logo

The Liebster Award is an award that only exists on the internet and it is given to bloggers by other bloggers. The focus is on new bloggers.

Liebster is a German word which means a sweet kind person, darling, beloved, dear, lovely, valued, endearing, favourite and sweetheart!

Liebster Award Nominee - German roots
The biggest German cliché I could find at short notice.

Who is Marianne?

I am so honoured that Marianne nominated my blog for this award. A huge THANK YOU to Marianne and her blo!

Marianne is the personality behind the great blog European Slice of Life. Originally from Serbia, Marianne has lived in Hungary and Canada and now lives in East Texas with her hubby. Together they have seen more of the USA than most people – 46 States and counting!

Her dream is to open a pastry shop and you can tell from her delicious recipes that this is close to her heart. She also loves travelling and exploring new places – and trying the local delicacies, of course!

Marianne was the second person every to interact with my new blog (and the first person who was not family), so she will always have a special place in my blogging journey.

Liebste Marianne is so sweet, she really does deserve the title.

Questions from European Slice of Life

1. What country would you visit? And Why?

China. It has been on my bucket list since I was 11 when we learnt about Tiananmen Square and saw Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Last Emperor at school (showing my age!). I nearly made it to China a couple of times for work – I even had my visa – but it just never worked out.

Tiananmen Square with flowers

2. What is the most unusual food you have ever tried?

I am allergic to seafood, so does horse count? It is very common here in Solingen and in Belgium. Otherwise, camel? Crocodile? Emu?

3. When taking a vacation, would you rather stay at a hotel or resort, and Why?

Normally I would say a hotel, but now that Miss M is nearly 4, the pools and kids activities of resorts are becoming more and more interesting. It really depends on where we are going.

4. What is that one interesting fact about you?

I have double-jointed elbows.

5. Would you rather read a book or watch a movie?

That depends on whether it is for entertainment or to relax. I keep trying movies that are based on books, but most of them are disappointing.

My 2019 Liebster Award nominees

I jumped in feet first when I started my blog. Seriously, the idea came to me and I bought my domain name and started with just an ‘About Tea with Mum‘ page.

As Marianne mentioned, I started my blog as therapy – to help me get over my grief at the loss of my Mum. Tea with Mum is therefore about my conversations with my Mum – carrying on our regular tea sharing tradition. I cover travel, parenting and crafts and recipes of things to have with your cup of tea.

It didn’t take long for me to realise that my blog would not be good therapy if there was no interaction from the outside world. I am so grateful for the wonderful group of bloggers that I have met since starting my journey.

If I could, I would nominate some of the same people that Marianne nominated. Seriously! However, I don’t think that it’s in the spirit of the award and there are so many other deserving bloggers to choose from. Too many!

So here are my nominees (in no particular order)

Our Favourite Jar

Claire is a Mum of one, Step-mum to two and is about to get married! Her blog is named after a jar full of “favourite things” she made for her budding family to do together.

Claire first caught my eye with her post about the loss of her Mum. I was in tears, knowing exactly what she was going through and feeling my own loss at the same time. Like me, her job has become a form of therapy and allows her to talk honestly about the difficulties she faced when losing her Mum. I love their monthly updates about her family’s antics!

Traveling Party of Four:

“Travel makes a person rich” is one of Jenny’s mottos. I couldn’t agree more! She and her husband and their two kids like to travel and blog about their experiences and tips. Her London series had me hooked, especially her post about afternoon tea at Sketch Gallery.

She also has some great tips for new bloggers as part of her Freshmen Blogger Series.

The DIY Nuts

Self-proclaimed DIY Nut Erin blogs about all things DIY and the amazing DIY projects that she and her husband put together. Her DIY ombre hexagon accent wall has to be one of the best accent walls I have ever seen (and with the help of my friend Pinterest, I have seen a lot!). She also has some great kids projects that I want to try out with Miss M.

Mama Megan Allysa

Love the tag: My little corner of organized crafty chaos.

Funnily enough, I can see Megan currently going through some of the things with her daughter that we have just gone through with Miss M, but with more craft involved. And she has some amazing projects. If any of you are looking for a DIY Christmas present for a little one, look no further than these fantastic wooden stacker toys. If there wasn’t so much sanding, I would be right on it!

Broke Hockey Mom

Broke Hockey Mom started her blogging journey on my birthday, just one day after I did and we have gone through many of the initial blogging struggles simultaneously.

A proud mum of two, she blogs about all things ice hockey, but most of her posts could relate to any mum or dad with children playing competitive sport. She works full time and her life is so full of hockey, that her boss immediately assumes that there is a tournament when she asks for time off. He is almost always right. That’s dedication!

I had to smile at her recent post on power phrases – I could just hear some of the ones my parents used.

Questions for my Nominees

This is the fun bit, where my five Liebster Award nominees get to write about themselves and answer these five questions:

  1. What’s currently sitting in top place on your bucket list?
  2. What do you wish you could do, but haven’t yet mastered?
  3. It’s nearly your birthday. What cake or gift are you making for yourself?
  4. If you were gifted a round-the-world trip and spending money, what three places would definitely be on your itinerary?
  5. What blog post are you most proud of and why?

To all of my fellow Liebster Award Nominees: Good Luck!

I am looking forward to reading your responses.

Standard sign off


  • Marianna

    Hi Rachel!
    Thank you for writing your Liebster Award post and I love your answers.
    Why did I start to follow your blog? Your blog name “Tea with Mum” why? I can relate to it in some sense. My Mom lives overseas, and I miss her every day. We don’t have tea together, but coffee yes, when we chat online.
    Thank You for the sweet introduction of my blog Rachel.

  • Megan

    Oh Fun! Thanks so much for the nomination!

    I have a quick question, are we supposed to nominate others as well? I have never heard of this award until you posted about it so I have no idea what’s going on!

  • Claire

    I can’t thank you enough for this nomination. I loved reading yours and I am looking forward to posting mine, this is the first time I have received a nomination for the Liebster award x x

  • Jenny Bhatia

    Oh my gosh. You are so sweet. Love this, and love your answers. These awards are the perfect way to get to know each other on a more personal level. Thank you so much for the nomination. I will get right on accepting the award officially.

    • Rachael Matthews

      They are a good way to share things that don’t otherwise fit into your ‘blog’ niche. I mean, when would I otherwise share that I have double-jointed elbows? I look forward to reading your answers. Congrats on the nomination.

  • Erin

    Hi Rachael! Check out my post about the Liebster award. I did a combined post including the Sunshine Blogger Award. Thank you so much for thinking of me!!!

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