Free Printable: I wish the English language had more interesting characters
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I wish English had more interesting characters – FREE printables

Don’t you wish the English language had more interesting characters? I certainly do!


I’m sitting inside in the dark and the fan is struggling to have any effect. It is the hottest day of the year. Heat records are falling all over Europe. While sitting here, doing my best to stay cool, I have an idea: why not make a free printable to pass the time?

This free printable is actually based on one I made a couple of years ago. It sits over my desk in our office/ guest room. I promise you will have a chance to see the room soon (the post is written, it is just awaiting photos).

I know not everyone has the same taste that I do. That would be boring, right? So I decided to spice up the printable a little with new fonts and colours.

Don’t you wish English had more interesting characters?

When I started to learn about other languages it made me realise that English letters really are quite boring. There are no accents, umlauts or minuscules anywhere! Why not? I wish the English language had more interesting characters!

If you are raising your kids to be bilingual or multilingual, expect a question about this when they are old enough to read!

How do I get my FREE printable?

So here’s the deal. There are 3 fonts and 5 colours to choose from. All with the same message: I wish the English language had more interesting characters (Or I wîsh thĕ Énġlısh łåŋguãgė hađ mørē ïñteŕêßţinģ çhāräčtèrș).

Click on the caption of the image that you would like and it should download a pdf for you. You can choose as many as you like.

If you would like a different colour, leave a comment. If I have enough requests, I’ll come back and add more colours.

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Standard sign off: Enjoy! Rachael


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