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Free Fathers’ Day Cards

In Germany, Fathers’ Day is on the Feast of Ascension, which is 39 days after Easter Sunday. This year, Fathers’ Day is tomorrow.

Most other countries celebrate Fathers’ Day on 19 March or on the third Sunday in June.

While Miss M and I were trying to work out what she wanted to give Daddy for Fathers’ Day, I put together a few cards. I think I got a little carried away.

The worst thing is, Miss M has still not decided which one to give Daddy. Still, we thought we would make them available to you anyway. FOR FREE!

All of these free Fathers’ Day cards are available as a jpeg and pdf. While they have been designed for A4 paper, you can easily adjust the size before printing.

From dinosaur lovers

The first two contain some of Miss M’s favourite things: dinosaurs. If you have a little dinosaur aficionado in your family, you might enjoy these ones.

Dinosaur themed Fathers' Day cards; I love you more than dinosaurs; Free Fathers' Day cards

For learners

If your child is still learning to write, this card might be appropriate. 

Bad Dad jokes and princesses

Is your Dad prone to Dad jokes? Then this one is for you. Or does Daddy treat his little girl like a princess? (Pssst… this is the one that Miss M chose to give her Daddy).

Two free Fathers' Day cards: I love you and your Dad jokes; To my King from your Princess

From the Mum

Finally, there are a couple for the Mum’s out there. Is your husband or partner a sexy guy as well as a great dad? Or are you like me and sometimes feel that with everything else happening, you don’t tell him often enough what a good job he is doing? Then these might interest you.

Happy Fathers' Day card with text in style of Khal Drogo introduction; Free Fathers' Day cards
You're doing a fantastic job; Free Fathers' Day cards

Words of wisdom from one Dad to another

Finally, we have a quote from Will Smith (apparently from the Oprah magazine) about what he thinks being a father is all about. And a cute picture.

Quote from actor and rapper Will Smith about fatherhood; Free Fathers' Day Cards

Happy Fathers’ Day

From our family to yours, I hope the ‘father’ in your life has a wonderful Fathers’ Day full of all the trimmings.

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