How to make delicious and fun Oreo cupcakes
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Delicious and fun Oreo Cupcakes

If you follow Tea with Mum on Facebook (and if you don’t please do), you will have seen that we recently had an apprentice baker, Miss H, over for a baking lesson. Naturally, our apprentices get to choose what they would like to bake. Miss H chose these delicious and fun Oreo cupcakes with vanilla and white chocolate buttercream frosting.

Apparently, when our apprentice baker last tried to make cupcakes at home, she smoked out the kitchen and her cupcakes were inedible. Miss H came to me and asked if I could teach her how to make delicious cupcakes (and not burn down the kitchen). This recipe was perfect for her lesson. And it’s one that I know she will make again.

Our novice baker frosting these delicious and fun Oreo cupcakes with vanilla and white chocolate buttercream

“Taste just like a giant Oreo”

I wanted to make sure that the recipes we used were ones that Miss H could master and adapt to other cupcakes, and not recipes that could only be used for Oreo cupcakes. At the same time, the recipes had to be easy so that they could be practised and perfected by a novice baker.

These delicious and fun Oreo cupcakes were perfect. Both Miss M and Miss H proclaimed that they “Taste just like a giant Oreo.” Not that Miss M would know what Oreos are…

For the base, we chose my decadent and moist chocolate cupcakes. This is an easy and delicious recipe cupcake base and proves just how versatile this recipe is.

For the frosting, we chose vanilla and white chocolate buttercream. This frosting goes fantastically with almost any type of cupcake you can imagine – chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mango, etc. Check out my funfetti cupcake recipe, which uses the same frosting. Delicious!

Together, the moist chocolate cupcakes and the vanilla and white chocolate buttercream frosting taste just like Oreos – both delicious and fun. And the Oreo decoration adds to the fun factor.

Using the Oreos

We used the Oreos just as decoration because I wanted Miss H to practice frosting the cupcakes with a piping bag.

Alternatively, you can crush about 10 Oreos and add them to the vanilla and white chocolate buttercream as the final step. However, crushed Oreos tend to block the piping tip when frosting the cupcakes. If you are using the crushed Oreos, therefore, you should spread the frosting onto the cupcakes with a butter knife.

A single delicious and fun Oreo cupcake with vanilla and white chocolate buttercream frosting

Tips for making these delicious and fun Oreo cupcakes

Make sure the white chocolate you are using in your frosting has been melted and then cooled. It should be runny and smooth, but not warm or it will melt the butter. You can use a water bath or just a microwave to melt the chocolate – whichever method you prefer.

Regular Oreos are best. Double stuffed or coated Oreos tend to get too sweet and too heavy for the frosting and slide off.


Obviously, if you wanted to use Oreo Golden or Brownie, you would have to change the cupcake or the frosting to suit.

If anyone does this before I get around to doing it, please let me know! I also just noticed that Oreo makes a peanut butter Oreo ice cream. Perhaps that is also one I should also try to recreate?

Use red or pink patty pans and liquorice jelly bean “noses” and perhaps yellow buttons and you have easy Mickey Mouse cupcakes. Add little pink or red fondant or chocolate bows between the Oreos as well: easy Minnie Mouse cupcakes!

Why not bake some of these delicious and fun Oreo cupcakes with your novice baker?

These Oreo cupcakes with vanilla and white chocolate buttercream really are delicious and so much fun (to make and to eat!). And they are so easy and versatile that they are perfect for a novice baker to try.

Try them today!

Delicious and fun Oreo cupcakes banner
Delicious and fun Oreo cupcakes

Prep Time: 45 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes

1 hour, 15 minutes



Servings: 24 cupcakes

Delicious and fun Oreo cupcakes

These delicious cupcakes are for the Oreo lovers: the chocolate is so rich it tastes like the chocolate Oreo biscuits while the silky frosting tastes just like the frosting between the Oreos. Yum!


    For the chocolate cupcakes
  • My decadent and moist chocolate cupcakes
    For the frosting
  • 250g unsalted butter at room temperature
  • 2+ cups of icing sugar
  • 200g melted white chocolate
  • 1/4 cup (double) cream
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla sugar or vanilla essence
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 24 Oreos


    For the cupcakes
  1. Bake my decadent and moist chocolate cupcakes according to that recipe.
  2. All cupcakes to cool before frosting.
    For the frosting
  1. Whip the butter until light and creamy then add one cup of icing sugar and mix well to combine.
  2. Once the white chocolate has cooled completely, add it to the mixture and mix to combine.
  3. Add the vanilla sugar, salt and the second cup of icing sugar and mix well.
  4. Add about half of the cream, then the rest if it is needed for consistency. If the frosting is too runny once you have added the cream, add more icing sugar until the right consistency is mixed. Taste the frosting to see if it needs any more salt or vanilla.
    To decorate
  1. Pipe the frosting onto the completely cooled cupcake.
  2. Carefully break the Oreos in half and half-submerge two halves in the frosting on top of a cupcake, so that they look a bit like Mickey Mouse ears.


Alternatively, crumble crushed Oreos (about 10) into the frosting and stir until evenly combined. Unless you blitzed the Oreos in the food processor so that they resemble dirt, the crushed Oreos are likely to clog up the piping tip. If you decide to put the crushed Oreos into the frosting, spread the frosting onto the cupcakes using a butter knife.
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Oreo cupcakes with vanilla and white chocolate buttercream: easy, delicious and fun!


  • Jenny

    Wow. These are some serious cupcakes. They will be perfect for Thanksgiving dessert! Maybe I will test them out a few times so I can perfect them by Thanksgiving:)

    • Rachael Matthews

      Are you a family that likes pumpkin? I have a great pumpkin cupcake that I wanted to make and share before Thanksgiving. Though you definitely want to test these ones out, just in case!

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