A Scandinavian-inspired Easter: Versatile beaded Easter bunnies, with a picture of three rainbow-coloured beaded Easter bunnies on a blue background
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Versatile beaded Easter bunnies: simple Scandinavian-inspired Easter decorations

Like last year, we’re making a few simple decorations for Easter. We don’t want to go overboard and still want to keep a Scandinavian vibe, even if we are bored and couped up at home to avoid helping to spread germs. Our first project this year is some versatile beaded Easter bunnies.

Six colourful beaded Easter bunnies on a blue background, ready to use as napkin rings, egg cups or hanging decorations for your egg tree

Versatile little critters

I say versatile because they can be used in three ways:

  1. An egg cup for any Easter eggs or just boiled eggs
  2. A serviette ring
  3. Hanging decoration for your Easter tree

How you choose to use them is entirely up to you. We will be using them as hanging decorations for our Easter trees, then probably for our eggs on Easter Sunday. The way things are going, I doubt we will be getting together with the extended family to celebrate Easter this year, so I doubt we will get to use them as napkin rings.

Beaded Easter bunnies, here used as an eggcup with a large egg

The inspiration for these beaded Easter bunnies

My inspiration for these beaded Easter bunnies actually came from an online shop which specialises in shabby chic looks with Scandinavian influences. The inspiration was a little plain though – good for a Scandi vibe, but not for inspiring a young child.

Miss M and I decided that we would paint the beads for our bunnies. She wanted to choose the colours and, fortunately, took her inspiration from our graphic watercolour Easter art and from the colours in her room.

Beaded Easter bunnies: hanging bunny on an Easter tree

How to speed-paint the beads

Miss M’s attention span is still not that great. I knew the bead painting had to go quickly, especially if I didn’t want to be left doing it all. They would have to dry before they could be used, too.

Unless you are a perfectionist (in which case, don’t get your kids involved in this step), the quickest and easiest way to paint the beads is to paint them in batches in resealable bags.

  1. We worked out how many colours we wanted for our beaded Easter bunnies, and how many beads we would then need for each colour and made a little pile for each colour.
  2. We then took one resealable bag for each colour and added the paint to the bag, mixing the colour directly in the bag. Just zip it shut and massage the paint around until it is mixed. Open as needed to add more paint and adjust the colour.
  3. Then add the beads, zip it shut again and massage the beads in the paint until they are all coated in the paint
  4. Carefully tip the beads out of the bag onto a tray lined with baking paper or grease-proof paper and spread them out so that they are not touching.
  5. Dispose of the bags.
  6. All to dry, turning the beads carefully (use a skewer) to make sure they are dry from all sides.
A tray of painted beads, drying

If you want an easy but much slower way to paint the beads, thread them onto a skewer before painting. You may need to find something (like two toilet roll holders with slits cut in them) to hold the skewers so that you can paint them.

Make some simple and versatile beaded Easter bunnies this Easter

If, like us, you are looking for some simple Scandinavian style Easter decorations that you can make yourself, try these easy and versatile beaded Easter bunnies. They don’t take a lot of time or cost a lot of money and they are simple enough that you can make them with kids.

No matter what else is happening in the world, we hope your Easter is a happy one.

Scandinavian inspired Easter decor: Beaded Easter bunnies; with six colourful, beaded bunnies; banner

Versatile beaded Easter bunnies

What you need

  • For each bunny, you will need:
    • 8 larger beads (e.g. 25 mm beads) and
    • 14 smaller beads (e.g. 10 mm beads)
  • Wire: I used some 0.5 mm wire, which I had in silver, pink and mint from our wire Easter egg ears.
  • Scissors to cut the wire
  • Paint in your desired colours (optional)
  • Resealable plastic bags (optional)
  • A tray (optional)
  • Baking or grease-proof paper to line the tray (optional)
Two colourful beaded Easter bunnies, with painted and unpainted beads

How to make the beaded Easter bunnies

1. If you want, paint your beads. All them to dry.

2. Cut a piece of wire approximately 40-45 cm long. Thread the beads onto the wire using the following diagram:

Beading order for beaded Easter bunnies

3. Tread the beads on a through g, then thread both ends of the wire through bead x so that the wire crosses inside bead x.

For each ear thread the wire through bead 1 through 5, then back through 4 (you will need to turn bead 5 to be horizontal), then through 6 and 7 and finally back through 1. Complete for the second ear.

You can then either (1) tie the wire between x and f to secure it, cutting off any excess or (2) thread through f, d and b before tying the wires together next to a, trimming the excess and hiding the join under bead a.

4. Enjoy as an egg cup, napkin ring or hanging decoration for your Easter tree.

Beaded Easter bunnies, here a rainbow coloured beaded bunny used as a napkin ring
Happy Crafting Sign-off
A Scandinavian-inspired Easter, with beaded Easter bunny eggcups, here with a picture of a rainbow-colored egg cup

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