The herd welcomes its newest member - a baby elephant called Gus
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A baby elephant called Gus

Today Miss M and I went to see the newest member of our local zoo: a baby elephant called Gus.

Gus was born just three days ago and is so cute. I had never seen such a young elephant before and it was lovely to see the other members of the herd looking after him. Miss M had fun trying to spot him hiding behind his mother, siblings, aunts and cousins.

Gus is an unusual name for an elephant. Here is is common for African elephants to be given African-inspired names to indicate that they are African, and not Indian elephants. Gus was named after one of the zoo keepers, Gustaf.

In comparison to elephants, women have it easy. Did you know that the average pregnancy for an elephant lasts 655 days? Can you imagine?

For more information, check out the press release of the Wuppertal Zoo.

The baby elephant called gus with the herd
Gus the baby elephant with his mother and the herd.

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