Travels with a dinosaur aficionado: revamped Smithsonian Dinosaur Hall
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A new dinosaur highlight

It is no secret that Miss M likes dinosaurs. In fact, our little dinosaur aficionado loves dinosaurs.

We do our best to encourage this interest, especially since a study confirmed that this interest was good for her intellectual development.

Miss M has visited various dinosaur museums. These include the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences and the Dinosaur Museum in Altmühltal. We have also taken her to the Naturkunde Museum in Berlin – a post will be coming in July.

For a bit more fun with dinosaurs, we took Miss M to visit Dino Land in Zwolle, the Netherlands. We have also discovered a brand new dinosaur park closer to home and plan to take Miss M there during her kindergarten holidays.

Unfortunately, she now equates longer car rides with dinosaur parks.

Yesterday, on our drive back from Berlin, Miss M started asking to go to the dino park. She kept chanting “Dino park, dino park, dino park,” from the back seat.

While she thought we were near Altmühltal, we were actually close enough to visit the Dino Park in Munchenhagen. Luckily, she did not realise this or we wouldn’t have gotten home until midnight.

(At some stage we will take her to visit Munchenhagen, but we don’t want to tell her about it until we know when that will be.)

A new dinosaur highlight – but we’ll have to wait to visit

We are always interested to hear about a new dinosaur highlight in the form of an exhibit or park. Imagine our delight when we heard that the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History has just reopened its Hall of Fossils.

We thinks it looks amazing!

We already have our holidays planned for the next year, so it might be a while before we get to Washington D.C. to see the revamped exhibit.

Still, we’d love to hear what you think if you manage to get there before us!

If you have any others to recommend, do let us know!

Enjoy your Summer sign off

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